Mr. Li Tools Brand and Trademark Explained

Mr. Li on China Locksmith Exhibition

These days I came across some historical photos of Mr. Li on China domestic locksmith exhibitions in 2016, did you ever notice from the above photo on Mr. Li’s shirt it says “Mr. Li Tools”? I finally know how Mr. Li and his company name his original tools in English, when he dropped the former Lishi trademark.

As I said in my previous post, Lishi Tools was the legacy brand name of Mr. Li’s original tools, which had been renamed to “Lizhiqin Tools” in 2014. But, it seems the name “Lizhiqin” is only known to Chinese locksmiths, as Mr. Li and his company officially call their automotive tools “Mr. Li Tools” towards the English-speaking world.

Mr. Li’s Logo and Trademarks

Legacy Lishi Logo

Former Trademark

When oriented in early 2000s, Mr. Li named his tools “Lishi”, and the oval Lishi trademark was used since 2002 until 2014.

Classic Lishi Tools

Present Trademark

Mr. Li renamed his brand name to “Lizhiqin Tools” in 2014, his face and name are registered as the trademark, and are being used.

For more detailed explanation, “Lizhiqin” is Mr. Li’s name written in Chinese pinyin, it’s also the name of Mr. Li’s company. His name, the 3 Chinese characters below his face logo, is used on each tool as the current trademark. But as I said above, Mr. Li officially doesn’t call his tools “Lizhiqin Tools”, instead he advertises his tools with the name “Mr. Li Tools”.

Genuine Lishi Vs. Original Lishi

Whenever I talk about Lishi tools, or Mr. Li tools, I must mention both Genuine Lishi and Original Lishi, one is Mr. Li’s ex-business partner, another is Mr. Li’s current partner. Both are still using Mr. Li’s former brand name.

Genuine Lishi

Genuine Lishi

Genuine Lishi is the registered trademark of UAP Limited, Mr. Li’s business partner in 2009-2012. At that time, UAP Limited was helping Mr. Li promoting his tools under the name “Genuine Lishi”. While Mr. Li’s own supply line uses the oval Lishi logo.

Original Lishi

Original Lishi

Original Lishi is Mr. Li’s current business partner since 2015, of when Mr. Li already waived the former Lishi trademark. Original Lishi still uses Mr. Li’s former logo on the website, but the logo as well as the brand name are no longer used.

Genuine Lishi was Mr. Li’s business partner, and it has no relationship with Mr. Li today. Genuine Lishi is still manufacturing and selling their own line of Lishi tools, made by a factory in Shenzhen.

Original Lishi is Mr. Li’s current business partner, who is helping Mr. Li promoting his tools outside of China, each tool supplied by them comes with Mr. Li face logo, and a red verification label.

What are Mr. Li Tools?

Mr. Li Tools are a range of automotive opening tools invented, designed, and made by Mr. Li, a master locksmith living in Qinhuangdao, Hebei Province of China. Mr. Li Tools have Mr. Li face logo on front of each tool, and a green verification label on back.

How to Describe Mr. Li’s Original Tools Correctly

In this post, you’ve learned the former brand name and trademark of Mr. Li’s original tools, and the name Mr. Li used after he dropped the former brand. So if you sell his original tools, how to write a correct description? Here’s a list of references, according to my understandings.

  • Lishi (former registered trademark)
  • Lishi Tools
  • Lishi 2-in-1
  • Lishi Lock Pick
  • Lishi Automotive Tools
  • Mr. Li Tools (official)
  • Mister Li Tools (variant)
  • Mr. Li Picks
  • Original Mr. Li
  • Mr. Li 2-in-1 Decoder & Pick

Lishi is the registered trademark of Mr. Li, but it’s no longer used when new trademark was registered. After 2014, Mr. Li and his company officially advertises and promotes with the name “Mr. Li Tools” or “Mr. Li Automotive Tools”.

Since the Lishi brand name had been used for over a decade, and accepted by people from all over the world, the legacy name can still be used, even though there’s no Lishi logo. If you’re a distributor of Mr. Li, you can consider these names.

But please avoid using these names:

  • Genuine Lishi
  • Original Lishi

Genuine Lishi is the registered trademark of UAP Limited. Original Lishi is the registered trademark of James Chen. Advertising Mr. Li’s original tools with these 2 brand names is at your own risk. Especially don’t use the Original Lishi brand name when you’re selling the green label tools, although the factory also makes the red label tools.

Learn Lishi Lock Picking from Online Course

You own a Lishi lockpick, but don’t know how to use it? You want to be a vehicle locksmith, but don’t know where to have one-to-one training? I just found an online Lishi course on Udemy, which I think can help you get started. So, don’t miss it, and it’s on sale now.

Mr. Li demonstrates pick a lock with Lishi tools

The Lishi course includes the following lessons:

  • Lesson 1: Introduction to Automotive Locksmithing & How to Get Started Today.
  • Lesson 2: The 3-Step System to Success!
  • Lesson 3: How To Get Started On A Budget & Theory
  • Lesson 4: Picking Your First Lock Using Lishi Pick (In Depth)
  • Lesson 5: Decoding Secrets
  • Lesson 6: How to Become a Master Locksmith & Started a Highly Profitable Business
  • Bonus Lesson: What Lishi Picks You Need & Where To Buy Them

If you just take lock picking as a hobby, you can follow the course and learn from the instructor. If you learn to be a master locksmith, and take automotive lock picking as your career, the course also teaches you more knowledge, not only using a Lishi lock pick, but also advises on your automotive lock picking business.

Great little course. The price is right (free). The deal on Lishi tools looks good. I’m not trying to start a business, but if I was, I would get the set.

John H.

I have always wondered how big a van I would need to become an auto Locksmith and this course has opened my eyes. As I am not getting any younger and finding it a strain to fresh fit mortice locks, this would suit me down to the ground. Many thanks. Regards John The Locksmith

John Y.

Working as a locksmith we are really ramping up our automotive sales. However, We usually run the VIN# as we are registered. However, thanks to this course we are now able to make keys without paying to run a VIN#. Thank you so much!

Ryan T.

I didn’t buy the course yet, but from the above ratings from whom purchased (more are on Udemy), I think the course is so helpful for both beginners, and those locksmiths who want to step in further for their automotive locksmithing business.

Lastly, as a seller of Lishi tools, I want to say thank you to the instructor, whose Lishi course helps us do the rest of work when a tool is sold, for people from English-speaking countries.

Lishi tools are the best automotive locksmith tools now available on the market, because it covers more vehicles than any other tools, and there’s no more learning curve needed as soon as you know how to pick one lock, then you know how to pick another, with another tool from more than 150+ Lishi tools collection, designed for almost all the car makes and models.

Beware of fake Lishi tools

Lishi Statement

Sorry guys, I was so lazy and I published very limited number of blog posts in the past 5 years, until recently I saw many people had doubt and questions about Lishi tools on Reddit. I had been in the locksmith tools industry since 2008, and I think I can write something for them.

Today on this post I want to talk about a historical official statement from Mr. Li’s company, on which it declares that SS001, and SS002 are NOT Lishi products. These’re knock-offs, made by someone else’s factory, without Mr. Li’s authorization.

The statement was announced two years ago in Nov. 30, 2020, I just did a search on Google, these tools are still being sold on Aliexpress and Alibaba, both are described as “Lishi” (Lishi SS001/Lishi SS002). Please be aware that these are not made by Mr. Li, they’re fake.

Lishi Yale Picks

As regard of fake Lishi tools, I also found some Yale picks, although the sellers didn’t describe them as “Lishi”, but they describe them “Lishi-style”. These Lishi-style Yale picks includes:

  • Yale 5
  • Yale 5B
  • Yale 6
  • Yale 6B
  • Cisa 5

I don’t know where these Lishi-style tools are made in China, but the factory had exported a lot to the European market, since I found Dangerfield, and ALS customized them with their own logo.😁

GTR 2-in-1

This Lishi-style 2-in-1 decoder and pick for Nissan GTR, is just another counterfeit.

I’ve found so many fake Lishi tools on the market, did you ever purchase and use any of them? It seems that Lishi lock pick for Yale locks will be in high demand in Europe, and I hope Mr. Li can release his own line of tools for Euro cylinders at an early date.

Lishi tools are patented and protected by law, I hope these makers respect intellectual property rights. I also hope you guys buy genuine Lishi tools, for the highest quality, and smooth lock picking experience. What’s your attitude towards fake tools? Leave a comment below.

What’s the anti-glare version of Lishi tools?

I have been worked as a salesman in the locksmith tools industry since 2008, and I know the anti-glare version of the Lishi tools was firstly introduced by Original Lishi, and tools sold by Original Lishi vendors are all Anti-Glare (or AG for short) by default.

What is anti-glare?

But what’s the anti-glare version? I did some search work around, nobody tells you. To anybody who is still not known, the anti-glare coating is an additional layer on the surface of the high-grade stainless steel, which decreases the amount of reflective light, makes each tool more durable and easy to read.

Here’s the standard version, as well as the anti-glare version side-by-side comparison:

  • ZD24R, anti-glare version (above)
  • CY24R-2021, standard version (bottom)

Benefit of the anti-glare coating

Both the standard version and the anti-glare version of Lishi tools are made by high-grade stainless steel, which reflects sunlight on the metallic surface. Anti-glare is a metal surface treatment, an additional layer on the metal surface, the only purchase is to decrease the amount of reflect light.

Is the anti-glare version more superior in quality than standard version?

Many people from Reddit thinks that Original Lishi tools are more superior in quality, compared with the standard version supplied by Classic Lishi, or other Chinese distributors, it’s completely wrong. The anti-glare coating doesn’t increase hardness of the stainless steel. High-priced leads to an illusion of premium.

Do you offer the anti-glare version?

All Lishi 2-in-1 tools, key readers, as well as demotic tools being sold at Classic Lishi are the standard version, with a few as an exception, which comes anti-glare only, according to the official tools list.

  • KW16
  • KW18
  • ZD24R
  • HD74
  • HD75
  • HI1
  • KYM2
  • KYM2R
  • KW1, KW5, SC1, SC4, AM5, R52, BE2-6, BE2-7

These motorcycle tools, residential tools are made with anti-glare coating by default, from the above of my pictures, you can hardly see how much amount of light it decreases, if you own any tool listed above, you can do a comparison with any standard version yourself.

Anti-glare is not exclusive to Original Lishi, so if you’re interested, please contact us. Thanks.

Mr. Li and His Original Tools, Some Key Facts You Never Know

Mr. Li, or Li Zhiqin in full, is the master locksmith who invented, designed, and manufactured Lishi tools. When originated in early 2000s, Mr. Li named his tools “Lishi Tools”, and over the next decades, Lishi have won great reputation among locksmiths all over the globe.

Although you’re using Lishi tools daily, there’re some key facts you never known about Mr. Li himself, his company, and his original tools. Also living in China, I can get more information and resources than you, so in this article I’ll tell you some key facts that I know.

Correct Pronunciation of “Lishi”

When I watch Lishi tools review videos on YouTube, all the westerners pronounce “Lishi tools” as “leeshy tools” [‘liːʃi], it’s not correct according to its pronunciation in Chinese, I personally pronounce it as “leash tools” [liːʃ], which is more similar to, without tones, the standard Chinese pronunciation.

Mr. Li, Father of Lishi Tools

Mr. Li is a Chinese master locksmith living in Hebei Province, China. And his factory is located in Qinhuangdao, a city of Hebei, near Tangshan and Tianjin City. Mr. Li is about 65 years old, and during all of his life, he never lived outside of China, and he never worked for any foreign companies.

Li Zhiqin is Mr. Li’s full name (中文:李志勤), someone writes his name as “Zhiqin Li”, which is also incorrect. Based on the new Chinese-to-English writing standard, we put family name “Li” first. For example, all western media call Chinese president “Xi Jinping” with “Xi” (A Chinese last name) at the beginning.

Legacy Lishi Logo

“Lishi Tools”, is the Legacy Name of Mr. Li’s Original Tools, Actually

When originated in early 2000s, Mr. Li named his tools “Lishi Tools” (中文:李氏工具) which come with an oval “Lishi” logo, and his ex-business partner UAP Limited was marketing his original tools under the name “Genuine Lishi”. When broken up with UAP Limited in 2014, he renamed his business name to “Lizhiqin Tools” (中文:李志勤工具), and his face and his name as the new trademark.

UAP Limited has no relationship with Mr. Li or his company today, and Genuine Lishi is still selling their own line of Lishi lock picks, with their factory located in Shenzhen. Genuine Lishi comes with a unique logo on each tool, and it’s easy to be identified. In China, nobody sells Genuine Lishi tools.

The Lishi Logo

Almost at the same time when Mr. Li waived the “Lishi” trademark, someone from Australia registered a new trademark known as “Original Lishi” and became Mr. Li’s new business partner. Mr. Li is a good locksmith and tools inventor, but obviously he’s not good at marketing, I’m very confused about his business strategy, which made his new trademark very hard to spread outside of China.

On one hand, the new name “Lizhiqin” is very hard to be pronounced for westerners, on the other hand, because of existence of two similar brands, both “Genuine Lishi” and “Original Lishi”, people are hard to accept his new brand name.

And in fact, all Mr. Li’s distributors from China still call his tools “Lishi Tools”, but people always confused if tools supplied are original, because both Mr. Li’s original tools, and Original Lishi branded tools share the same logo, only the verification labels are different.

Please remember that Original Lishi is not the only distributor authorized by Mr. Li or his company, where you can buy Mr. Li’s original tools. Mr. Li’s original tools are being sold by many Chinese vendors as well. This is a legal question, and the differences of sales channels.

Today, besides Original Lishi, Mr. Li has many other distributors from China and Europe. In Europe, people call Mr. Li’s original tools “Mr. Li Tools”, but that’s not saying tools supplied directly by Mr. Li and his own distributors are not GENUINE or ORIGINAL.

We advertise and promote Mr. Li’s original tools as “Classic Lishi”, to distinguish from both “Genuine Lishi” and “Original Lishi”. We’re not an Original Lishi vendor, we don’t sell Original Lishi tools either. All tools we’re supplying are from Mr. Li’s factory, come with a green verification label.

Here’s a short summary of the 3 “Lishi”s:

  • Genuine Lishi, an independent company, a trademark belongs to the UAP Limited. All of the Genuine Lishi Tools come with an square logo, different than the other 2 Lishis.
  • Original Lishi, an independent company, a trademark belongs to James Chen who runs his business in Australia. Original Lishi Tools are made by Mr. Li, but they comes with James Chen’s own verification label.
  • Classic Lishi, we’re just a distributor of Mr. Li. After Mr. Li changed his trademark to “Lizhiqin”, James Chen used its former name and registered the “Original Lishi” trademark. We also use the former name, and all Classic Lishi Tools come with green verification label, and can be verified on Mr. Li’s official website.

Lishi Laser Picks, Mr. Li’s First Product Line

Lishi laser picks

In early 2000s, Mr. Li started his line of lockpicks at his backyard factory, with other locksmiths and his trainees. Lishi laser picks were his first creations, until these tools were stopped production and replaced by Lishi 2-in-1 tools in the middle of 2010s, when new improved, and revolutionary design was introduced.

Qinhuangdao Li Zhiqin Tools Co., Ltd, Mr. Li’s Official Business Name

Nobody knows Mr. Li’s official business name, until you see this post.

According to Qinhuangdao ETDZ Administration Bureau for Industry and Commerce public query system, Mr. Li’s company name is Qinhuangdao Li Zhiqin Tools Co., Ltd, with Ms. Li Jing (probably Mr. Li’s daughter) as the executive director, and Mr. Li Zhiqin the supervisor. The Unified Social Credit Identifier is 911303010872863114.

In China, every person or company registers a domain name and hosts a website at any ISP as long as its server located in China, must register for a record at MIIT (Ministry of Industry and Information Technology), and from the MIIT public query system, Mr. Li’s official website is on which runs the verification query system, where you can verify to make sure your tools are not illegal copied or distributed.

Lishi, a Chinese Lockpicks Brand We’re Proud Of

All generations before 90s, born and lived in the years before China being “the world’s factory”, always consider foreign brands their first choices, but Lishi, the brand of lockpicks, is an exception.

The classic Lishi tools are well establish as some of the best lock pick tools, the leader of vehicle opening tools in the world today, trusted by both Chinese locksmiths and lock pickers all over the globe.

This incredible reputation is thanks to Mr. Li Zhiqin, who takes the pride in creating the best locksmith tools on the market, and puts a lot of effort to ensure his tools are durable and accurate with his high-quality control standards.

Mr. Li, being the inventor of the classic Lishi tools, means that innovation and product improvement never stops. Qinhuangdao Li Zhiqin Tools Co., Ltd is always dedicated to producing lock picks of the best possible quality.

Lishi, never a foreign brand. Lishi tools, proudly made in China.

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