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Classic Lishi Tools are Mr. Li’s original tools, the best automotive tools on the market today. You’re in the right place, this is the collection of Lishi automotive tools, covers almost all the car makes and models. All tools we’re supplying are from factory-direct, ensuring quality and supply is guaranteed. There are currently nearly 200 tools available. We can also be able to supply a complete kit of Lishi picks at a discounted price.

Mr. Li is designer, creator, inventor of Lishi tools. When originated in early 2000s, Mr. Li named his tools as “Lishi”, which was widely used on their products as the logo. Lishi Tools is the legacy name of Mr. Li’s original tools actually, the official brand name of today is Lizhiqin Tools. As you know the legacy brand name had been used for over a decade before 2014, and accepted by people all over the world, we use its former name, advertise and promote it as Classic Lishi.

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