Lishi Tools Versions: Differences Among V.1, V.2, V.3

When you’re browsing our catalog, you may notice that on some of the lishi tools pictures, a version number is marked right after the model number, for example V.2, V.3. What’s this? And what’s the difference among different versions of a specific Lishi tool?

Lishi HU66 V.3

Take the above Lishi HU66 2-in-1 Decoder and Pick for an example, “HU66” is the Silca key blank reference number, it’s also the Lishi tool model number. “V.3” means it’s the third version of the tool. “Ign/Dr/Bt” indicates that this tool is designed to work with Ignition/Door/Trunk locks.

Why a Lishi tool is upgraded?

For added security, the automobile manufacturer or the automotive locks supplier/factory may improve their locks, especially the inner mechanical structure, so the Lishi tool is upgraded to a newer version for better coverage for the newer released car models of the same car makes.

Another reason why Lishi upgrade their tool, is for better compatibility to open Ignition/Door/Trunk locks of the car models, as these locks maybe slightly different, although they’re made by the same locks manufacturer.

Which version do I need to purchase?

So if you’re sure the lock keyway (Silca key blank reference number) matches the Lishi model number, but you can’t fully insert the tool’s key blank into the lock cylinder, you may need an upgraded Lishi tool. Please remember always best to for latest version as it have the latest improvements on it.

The first V.1 tool is great on the earlier versions of this lock, but wouldn’t get full insertion in slightly later models so V.2 was released to sort this, V.3 was then released to deal with sunken locks that V.2 couldn’t get. V.3 will get all, but V.1 will be more accurate in older lock versions, each has their place and uses, but if only going for 1 tool then the V.3 is best coverage.

Can I purchase V.1, V.2, V.3 at the same time?

NO! Classic Lishi only ships the latest version.

On Mr. Li’s official tools list, they never mark the version number, that means when a Lishi tool is upgraded to V.2, the older V.1 will be stopped production. And when V.3 is released, the older V.2 will be stopped production.

As I said above, the V.3 has all the improvements based on V.1, and V.2, and it has the best coverage for all cars models which use the same lock keyway, and it has the best compatibility for Ign/Dr/Bt locks.

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