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Classic Lishi Vs. Genuine Lishi

Genuine Lishi is the registered trademark of UAP Limited (aka. TradeLocks), Mr. Li’s ex business partner. Tradelocks outsourced tools from Mr. Li’s factory before 2011, and later after broke up with Mr. li,  they started manufacturing, and selling their own lines of Lishi-style tools, made by a factory in Shenhzen.

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Classic Lishi, Mr. Li’s Original Tools 

When Mr. Li’s cooperation with Tradelocks ended in 2011, he renamed his brand name from “Lishi Tools” (中文:李氏工具) to “Lizhiqin Tools” (中文:李志勤工具), and registered his face and his name as the new trademark.

Since the legacy brand name had been used for over a decade before 2014, and accepted by people all over the world, we continued using the former brand name and call it “Classic Lishi Tools”.

Classic Lishi is an authorized distributor of Qinhuangdao Li Zhiqin Tools Co., Ltd,  which was founded by Mr. Li, who invented and produced Lishi Tools, the best vehicle lock picking tools in the world today.

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The Lishi Logo

Mr. Li’s Present Trademark

Genuine Lishi

The Genuine Lishi Logo

Genuine Lishi, Mr. Li’s Business Partner of the Past, Competitor of Present

Tradelocks is Mr. Li’s former business partner, I don’t know when the two companies started their cooperation, but I know when their contract was ended.

UAP Limited is a group of marketing genius, who are promoting their own Lishi-style lock pick tools under the name “Genuine Lishi”, meaning somehow Lishi tools sold by other supply lines are not “genuine”? How good a marketing strategy.

And it is because of existence of “Genuine Lishi”, which caused Mr. Li dropped the Lishi brand and trademark? I don’t know.

Genuine Lishi Product Lines

I just took a glance at the Genuine Lishi website when I’m editing this page. Genuine Lishi follows tightly Mr. Li’s release schedule, and has its own “improvements”, for example, “T3” also comes with an additional coating like the anti-glare version of Lishi Tools. Here’re the full product lines:

  • Genuine Lishi T3 Tools
  • Genuine Lishi Night Vision Tools
  • Standard Genuine Lishi Tools
  • Genuine Lishi Blind Picks
  • Genuine Lishi Accessories
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Frequently Asked Questions

Genuine Lishi is the registered trademark of Tradelocks aka. UAP Limited.

Genuine Lishi was Mr. Li’s business partner of the past, and it is Mr. Li’s business competitor of the present.

Genuine Lishi has its own line of Lishi-like tools, their Genuine Lishi branded tools were made by Mr. Li’s factory before 2014.

It’s said that the two companies have no relationship at all. Genuine Lishi Tools are still manufactured by its foundry in Shenzhen, China.

No! We don’t sell Genuine Lishi branded tools, although they’re made in China. I don’t know the foundry and I have no relationship with it at all.

We don’t sell Genuine Lishi Tools, but we sell genuine Lishi tools. Please notice the capital “G” for the difference.

All of the tools sold here at Classic Lishi are directly from Mr. Li’s factory in Qinhuangdao, Hebei Province of China.

You can always get verified with the serial number on the green label comes attached at back of each tool, to make sure it’s genuine Lishi product.

Genuine Lishi used to selling Mr. Li’s original tools with its own logo, based on the agreement with Mr. Li Zhiqin or his company.

Someone thinks that Tradelocks (UAP Limited) essentially stole the concept from Mr. Li Zhiqin and patented it state side or some nonsense. The ones with the logo of Mr. Li face are the genuine ones. The ones with the Genuine Lishi logos are the knock-offs.

But this is others’ opinion. Mr. Li’s original tools are patented in China, but Genuine Lishi is still being made their tools in Shenzhen without Mr. Li’s complaint. I have no words on this.

Well, my attitude is neutral.

Competition makes both companies growing better and healthier, customers have more choices, we benefit from the price drops, maybe.

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