Classic Lishi, Mr. Li Authorized Distributor

Classic Lishi is an authorized distributor of Qinhuangdao Li Zhiqin Tools Co., Ltd, which was founded by Mr. Li, who invented and produced Lishi Tools, the best vehicle lock picking tools in the world today.

Lishi Tools is the former name of Mr. Li’s original tools actually, the official brand name of today is Lizhiqin Tools. As you know the legacy brand name had been used for over a decade before 2014, and accepted by people all over the world, we use its former name, advertise and promote it as Classic Lishi.

Despite the name, please always remember all tools we’re supplying are directly from Mr. Li’s factory. You can look for the green label comes at back of each tool, and get verified on Mr. Li’s official website, to make sure tools you bought from us are not illegal copied or distributed.

Quality Tools Made by Mr. Li

Lishi Tools are well established as some of the best lock picking tools in the world today, and trusted by locksmiths from both China and the globe. This incredible reputation is thanks to Mr. Li, who puts his innovation towards creating tools of the best possible quality.

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What’s Lishi?

Mr. Li’s full product line covers 2-in-1 tools, key readers, and accessories, designed for both vehicle and domestic locksmiths. The Lishi range of tools also cover more vehicles than any other products on the market.

  • Lishi 2-in-1 Tools
  • Lishi Key Readers
  • Official Accessories
Why Us?
Lishi HON66 Lock Pick

What people are saying

I work for a locksmith this brand is really good as long as you know how to use them. I use this on daily basis as I work on roadside where ppl lock keys in cars all time, well worth money, makes my job easy.

The pick itself is beautifully designed and made and works exactly as expected. For information on how to use it I recommend doing a YouTube search – lots of great videos showing how and what to be aware of as the tool is somewhat delicate.

Great tool need little practice but as soon u get used to it take seconds to decode. the main thing is learning how much tension and pressure to add. Loads of useful YouTube videos to help u learn.

I dropship these tools on my Ecwid store, and order from Classic Lishi with a discount code. Charles always did a good job, shipping is prompt, and delivery is fast.

Mr. Li Zhiqin

Father of Lishi Tools

Mr. Li is a Chinese master locksmith living in Hebei Province, China. And his factory is located in Qinhuangdao, a city of Hebei, near Tianjin City.

Mr. Li is about 65 years old, and during all of his life, he never lived outside of China, and he never worked for any foreign companies.

Lishi, never a foreign brand. Lishi tools, proudly made in China.

Why Us?

Besides Original Lishi, Mr. Li has many other distributors from mainland China and European countries. Each tool sold by Classic Lishi comes with a verification label, a green label which is implemented by Mr. Li’s company officially. You can always get verified that our tools are from the true manufacturer.

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