Classic Lishi Vs. Original Lishi

Both Classic Lishi Tools and Original Lishi Tools are made by Mr. Li’s factory, and both come with the logo of Mr. Li face. Classic Lishi is Lishi Tools Chinese Edition, and Original Lishi is the Export Edition. Do you know the differences?

What’s the difference between the two Lishis?

Original Lishi is Mr. Li’s business partner, and the Original Lishi branded tools are made by Mr. Li, but they come with a red verification label. While Classic Lishi is an authorized distributor of Mr. Li’s original tools, the official green label is attached, and can be verified on Mr. Li’s official website.

Tools Comparison
Original Lishi

Original Lishi Website Logo

The red Lishi logo is the legacy brand name of Lishi Tools, it appears on the website but not on tools.

Original Lishi Tools

Original Lishi became Mr. Li’s new business partner since 2015, who’s helping Mr. Li promoting and marketing his original tools outside China.

Original Lishi firstly introduced the verification label to the western market, also included is the anti-glare version Lishi Tools.

Original Lishi also benefits from the agreement with Mr. Li, for example, exclusive marketing right for some certain tools, in a limited time.

Tools Comparison

Classic Lishi Vs. Original Lishi: Tools Difference

The only difference is each brand of tools come with different verification labels.

Original lishi

Red Label Lishi Tools

Classic Lishi

Green Label Lishi Tools

Classic Lishi Vs. Original Lishi

Tools Comparison



Verification Label

Verification System



Official Website

Classic Lishi Tools

Logo: Mr. Li face logo

Verification Label: Green Label

Verification System: Mr. Li’s Official Website

Packaging: Original Packaging

Retail: YES

Official Website:

Green Label Lishi Tools
Shop Now
Original Lishi Tools

Logo: Mr. Li face logo

Verification Label: Red Label

Verification System: Get Verified on Original Lishi website

Packaging: Unknown (Customized?)

Retail: NO (Rely on its Vendors)

Official Website:

Red Label Lishi Tools
Look for a Vendor

Frequently Asked Questions

Original Lishi is a lock pick brand, an intermediary marketing agent who’s helping Mr. Li distributing Mr. Li’s original tools, through its vendors.

Original Lishi is not the only distributor of Mr. Li and/or Qinhuangdao Li Zhiqin Tools Co., Ltd, the Original Lishi website is not Mr. Li’s official website either.

Please also don’t be misled by the name, it doesn’t mean only tools supplied by them are ORIGINAL. Mr. Li has many other distributors.

Original Lishi Tools are made by Mr. Li’s factory in Qinhuangdao, Hebei Province of China. The Original Lishi branded tools are truly ORIGINAL, although it couldn’t be verified on Mr. Li’s official website.

We do not sell Original Lishi tools;
We’re not an Original Lishi vendor.

Please remember Original Lishi is not the only supply line where you can get Mr. Li’s original tools. Excluding Classic Lishi, Mr. Li’s original tools are being supplied by other distributors as well.

I repeat here at Classic Lishi, we don’t sell Original Lishi branded tools, you can’t verify on Original Lishi verification system with the serial number on the green label. Please get verified on Mr. Li’s official website.

Green label Lishi tools are not counterfeits or knock-offs, and it’s also not fake. The green label was implemented by Mr. Li’s company officially and supplied by Mr. Li’s own distribution channel.

I know some Original Lishi vendors are selling both standard version as well as the anti-glare version. We sell the standard version Lishi 2-in-1 tools by default, but all Lishi residential tools are anti-glare only.

To anybody who is still not known, the anti-glare coating is an additional layer on the surface of the high-grade stainless steel, which decreases the amount of reflective light, makes each tool more durable and easy to read.

As I said above, if you own a residential pick, you will find there’s no huge differences with or without the anti-glare coating.

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