Innovation of Lishi Tools

Lishi Tools are the market leader in vehicle locksmithing that are in high demand among locksmith professionals all over the globe. With a Lishi 2-in-1 pick, it’s easily able to read the depths of each individual wafer of a car door lock without disassembling it, which make every locksmith’s life much easier.

Before Mr. Li’s revolutionary tools, a locksmith would either need to entirely disassemble a door lock to physical remove the wafers or attempt to impression a key, which is not a simple task. With special thanks to Mr. Li, who created the international brand out of his groundbreaking invention and launched the entire line of specialized tools for automotive locksmiths.

Learn the History of Lishi Tools

Revolutionary Design Made Possible to Cover More Vehicles than Competitors

From Ford to Fiat, Chrysler to Chevrolet, Honda to Toyota, the Lishi range of tools cover more vehicles than any other “old school” lockpick tools on the market. What made it possible? This is thanks to the revolutionary design of the Lishi 2-in-1 tools, with little changes on the key blank, wafer positions & cut depths lines, a new tool will come out.

Lishi Tools are also easy to use, with little practice, a locksmith can open a vehicle lock in under 2 minutes. Lishi 2-in-1 tools combine the possibility of picking and decoding locks with only one tool needed. It not only opens the lock, but also enables a locksmith to make a new key even the key is lost or damaged. It’s inconceivable in the past.

Anti-glare Version of the Lishi Tools

Lishi SC20

To anybody who is still not known, the anti-glare coating is an additional layer on the surface of the high-grade stainless steel, which decreases the amount of reflective light, makes each tool more durable and easy to read.

Mr. Li’s factory offers both the standard version, as well as the anti-glare version. But we sell the standard version, as both are made by the same high-grade stainless steel, the coating won’t increase quality, and it’s also not fake.

Please note all Lishi residential tools come with anti-glare by default, if you own one and you can compare it with the standard version side by side and see if there’s huge difference.