Lishi Standoff Spacers, an Unofficial Accessory

Lishi Standoff Spacers

Firstly known from DeviantOllam’s video, the Lishi standoff spacer is an unofficial accessory for Lishi tools, designed and made by Deviant with help of Tony from 3D Locksport, and the final production is now seen on Red Team Tools.

These tiny adapters allow greater flexibility of use for Lishi residential 2-in-1 decoder and picks. A good idea to help people adapt larger sized Lishi tools so that they work effectively in smaller locks, without the need to purchase another Lishi tool for the smaller sized keyway.

This small collar fits over the blade of a Lishi pick to provide 0.153″ of standoff distance from the front face of the plug, which makes it suitable for use on both Schlage and Kwikset style systems. That’s say, you can use a Lishi SC4 for both 6-Pin and 5-Pin Schalage locks.

For a guide to help with installation of the Lishi standoff spacers, please see another of Daviant’s video.

2 thoughts on “Lishi Standoff Spacers, an Unofficial Accessory

  1. Mr. Li says:

    This website selling a lot of fake tools, where do you source LW5 and LW4? Both tools are all exclusive to SIEPER group and none left in factory. You are selling a lot of fake tools.

    • Charles Penn says:

      We’re selling original Lishi tools, but we’re not selling Original Lishi tools. OL is exclusive for you, but classic tools aren’t. I’m not advertising our tools as OL branded here, if it has by our mistake, give me sometime to remove/change relevant content.

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