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Classic Lishi, aka. Mr. Li’s original tools, is the most effective way to unlock and decode vehicle locks whilst at the scene. The tools we supply are directly from Mr. Li’s factory, ensuring quality and supply is guaranteed. There are currently more than 150 tools available. We can also be able to supply a complete kit of Lishi picks at a discounted price.

Mr. Li is designer, creator, inventor of all Lishi tools. Lishi Tools was formerly known as “Lishi” which was widely used on their products as a logo. Mr. Li had a partnership with an UK company named Tradelocks (aka. UAP Limited) to market his tools worldwide. Tradelocks is still selling Lishi tools with their trademark “Genuine Lishi”, but the two companies has no relationship at all, when their contract ended in 2014. And later, Mr. Li had a new logo which uses his own head as the trademark, and brand name changed to Li Zhi Qin (Mr. Li’s name in Chinese), which is the three Chinese characters stands for, but it’s still known as Lishi all over the world, except China.

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