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New Arrival Classic Lishi Tools 2022

Mr. Li, the master locksmith, also a tools inventor, is the father of all Lishi tools, who designed and made the classic Lishi tools, as well as the Original Lishi branded tools, are always concentrated on improving and developing new tools each year. Here’s a summary of what came out in 2022, before the year passes away.

Lishi HONDA-2021

Lishi HONDA-2021 works with Honda 2021 models, for half think door key from 2020 (Similar to Lishi HONDA-2020 seen in Japan).

Lishi CY24R-2021

Lishi CY24R-2021 is designed for Jeep Grand Cherokee 2021 onwards and others, which equipped the new smart key. The new CY24R-2021 keyway is the reverse keyway of popular CY24 keyway and only can be inserted in one way.

Lishi CY24R-2021 fits the following Jeep models:

  • 2021-2022 Jeep Grand Cherokee L
  • 2022 Jeep Grand Wagoneer
  • 2022 Jeep Wagoneer

Mr. Li also announced two tools for China domestic vehicles, including JAC02 & JAC02R for Jac Motors, and GEELY2 V.2 for Geely, but we’re currently not selling tools for China-owned models yet.

Lishi Domestic Picks

Lishi tools are not just for automotive & motorcycle, a series of domestic tools (in North America, people calls it “Lishi Residential Tools“) came out since Apr. 2019, the Lishi domestic tools were firstly introduced by Original Lishi, based on the agreement with Mr. Li Zhiqin. According to their agreement, Original Lishi has exclusive marketing rights in the first two years.

Honest speaking, Mr. Li has released domestic tools in the Chinese market for a couple of time now, to his own sales channel, including Classic Lishi as well as other Chinese vendors. But I don’t know why on the Lishi official forum, M1/MS2, AM5, BE2 are still being announced as their “new” products.

Here at Classic Lishi, our workmates are continuously working with Mr. Li’s factory, each new tool will be listed for sale as soon as it’s released to the public. Please subscribe our blog in order not to miss anything new.

The End.

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