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What Are Genuine Lishi Tools?

Genuine Lishi

What are Genuine Lishi tools? Genuine Lishi is the registered trademark of UAP Limited, who sells the Genuine Lishi branded car lock picks on their locksmith tools marketplace TradeLocks.

Genuine Lishi History

UAP Limited was Mr. Li’s business partner during 2009-2012, who was helping Mr. Li promoting Mr. Li’s original tools with the Genuine Lishi brand. While in the meantime, Mr. Li were selling his original tools with the “Lishi” brand and logo.

The two companies broke up in 2012, and when their contract ended, UAP Limited continued selling its own line of Genuine Lishi branded tools, it’s said Genuine Lishi tools are still made in Shenzhen, but I don’t know anything more.

Genuine Lishi Tools

Genuine Lishi HU92 3-in-1

Here’s a Genuine Lishi HU92 3-in-1 Pick/Decoder, a typical Genuine Lishi product, the rectangle “Genuine Lishi” black and white logo is used on each tool, very easy to be identified.

In China no one sells Genuine Lishi tools, although it’s made in China. Genuine Lishi tools are officially sold on TradeLocks for European Market, and UAP America for North America market.

Genuine Lishi Product Lines

I just took a glance at the Genuine Lishi website when I’m editing this post. Genuine Lishi follows tightly Mr. Li’s release schedule, and has its own “improvements”, for example, “T3” also comes with an additional coating like the anti-glare version of Lishi Tools. Here’re the full product lines:

  • Genuine Lishi T3 Tools
  • Genuine Lishi Night Vision Tools
  • Standard Genuine Lishi Tools
  • Genuine Lishi Blind Picks
  • Genuine Lishi Accessories

Classic Lishi Vs. Genuine Lishi

Shop Classic Lishi Collection Classic Lishi is an authorized distributor of Qinhuangdao Li Zhiqin Tools Co., Ltd, which was founded by Mr. Li, who invented and produced Lishi Tools, the best vehicle lock picking tools in the world today.

Genuine Lishi is made by Mr. Li’s ex-business partner UAP Limited (aka. TradeLocks) that essentially stole the concept from him. The ones with the logo of Mr. Li face are the genuine ones. The ones with the Genuine Lishi logos are the knock-offs.

Source 1: Original lishi vs. Genuine lishi • r/Locksmith
Source 2: New Lishi 2 in 1 tools from Mr. Li. the inventor of Lishi tools

Final Thoughts

Genuine Lishi is Mr. Li’s business partner of the past, competitor of the present.

Everybody knows Lishi is Mr. Li’s trademark, but UAP Limited registered the Genuine Lishi brand, meaning somehow tools supplied by Mr. Li’s own supply lines, eg. Mr. Li’s other distributors in China, are not GENUINE? It’s a good marketing idea, absolutely.

Mr. Li says his tools are patented, but Genuine Lishi still manufactures its own line of Lishi-like tools in China, I don’t know why this is possible, there’s no further information leaked to the public.

My attitude towards Genuine Lishi is neutral, competition makes both companies growing better and healthier, customers have more choices, we benefit from the price drops, maybe.

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