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What’s the anti-glare version of Lishi tools?

I have been worked as a salesman in the locksmith tools industry since 2008, and I know the anti-glare version of the Lishi tools was firstly introduced by Original Lishi, and tools sold by Original Lishi vendors are all Anti-Glare (or AG for short) by default.

What is anti-glare?

But what’s the anti-glare version? I did some search work around, nobody tells you. To anybody who is still not known, the anti-glare coating is an additional layer on the surface of the high-grade stainless steel, which decreases the amount of reflective light, makes each tool more durable and easy to read.

Here’s the standard version, as well as the anti-glare version side-by-side comparison:

  • ZD24R, anti-glare version (above)
  • CY24R-2021, standard version (bottom)

Benefit of the anti-glare coating

Both the standard version and the anti-glare version of Lishi tools are made by high-grade stainless steel, which reflects sunlight on the metallic surface. Anti-glare is a metal surface treatment, an additional layer on the metal surface, the only purchase is to decrease the amount of reflect light.

Is the anti-glare version more superior in quality than standard version?

Many people from Reddit thinks that Original Lishi tools are more superior in quality, compared with the standard version supplied by Classic Lishi, or other Chinese distributors, it’s completely wrong. The anti-glare coating doesn’t increase hardness of the stainless steel. High-priced leads to an illusion of premium.

Do you offer the anti-glare version?

All Lishi 2-in-1 tools, key readers, as well as demotic tools being sold at Classic Lishi are the standard version, with a few as an exception, which comes anti-glare only, according to the official tools list.

  • KW16
  • KW18
  • ZD24R
  • HD74
  • HD75
  • HI1
  • KYM2
  • KYM2R
  • KW1, KW5, SC1, SC4, AM5, R52, BE2-6, BE2-7

These motorcycle tools, residential tools are made with anti-glare coating by default, from the above of my pictures, you can hardly see how much amount of light it decreases, if you own any tool listed above, you can do a comparison with any standard version yourself.

Anti-glare is not exclusive to Original Lishi, so if you’re interested, please contact us. Thanks.

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